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BrightnessFix for HHE devices (TH55, UX40, UX50, VZ90).\r\nRemoves lower limit of the brightness slider.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/HHE ProcessorDownload
BrightnessFix for PXA270 devices (T|E2, T|X, T|T3, T|T5, T|X, Zire72).\r\nRemoves lower limit of the brightness slider.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/PXA270 processorDownload
SkinUI cobalt skin source
The source code and build package for SkinUI cobalt skin, to be used for making other skins.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
DynaClock UI source
The source code for DynaClock UI.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
E2 Internal Drive
Exposes the internal NVFS drive for use as a built-in card a-la T|T5.\r\nCompatible with T|TX, T|E2, Treo650, Treo680, Treo 750p, Treo 755p
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/NVFSDownload
Removes the DIA animation on Palm 320x480 devices
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/320x480Download
FAT32 driver for OS5 devices without it. Allows use of 4GB cards on those devices. This is NOT an SDHC driver.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Flash Player
Macromedia[/Adobe] Flash player installer for Palm devices. Installs the Flash Palyer normally found on Sony devices. Will play \\\".swf\\\" files up to version 5.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Removes the 2-pixel wide white border around the screen in T|X, LifeDrive, and T|T5
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.4.9+/AnyDownload
Graffiti 1.999
Graffiti 2, but without the half-second lag that Garnet 5.4.9 devices have
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.4.9+/AnyDownload
This will hard reset any device, with a 10-second warning. If your power button has stopped working, this will help you do a hard reset.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Hourly Quote
Will show a new cool quote every hour when ran. source code included.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 3.0+/AnyDownload
Will show and allow you to explore the Mandelbrot set of any power. Can be used to be a banchmark.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/HiResDownload
Will allow any OS5 device to run Netfront and PicselViewer.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
On OS 5.4.9 devices Blazer framents the dynamic heap at startup, causing bad performance. This application will fix that.\r\n\r\nHas been superseded by UnCache
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.4.9+/AnyDownload
No Batt Dialog
Will suppress the battery warning dialogs.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Does nothing. Really. Can be assigned to a hard button, to use it to turn device on without switching the current app.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 2.0+/AnyDownload
App to use an old device as a clock showing pictures. NO DIGITIZER NEEDED . Source code included.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 3.0+/AnyDownload
Speeds up PicselViewer a lot
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Registration library for PalmOS5 applications. Include files included.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
System-wide volume regulation, can lower hiss in headphones.\r\nPXA 270 processor only
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/PXA270 processorDownload
Provides progress bar to any application. Example app and include files included.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Icon SetConv
converts iconsets from RIconChanger format to IconFX format. (a.k.a. IconFC)
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Simple Sound Pack Source
Source and build system for SkinUI sound packs.
License: FreewareO/S: Windows/AnyDownload
Simple Xp SoundPack
XP Soundpack for SkinUI.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Stat Batt
Shows battery on statusbar on Palm. 320x480 devices.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/320x480Download
StoneAge Run
Allows StoneAge game to run on Garnet devices. Just install, and then run StoneAge.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.4.9+/AnyDownload
Locks device even after warm reset. Useful for pre-garnet devices. Increases security.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Allows developers to control T|T3\\'s green LED, and the undocumented and previously unused RED LED.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.2.1/T|T3Download
THclock DA
A DA to change the clock speed of the TH55 at any time.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/HHE ProcessorDownload
T|X2 rom
A custom ROM for T|X
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.4.9+/T|XDownload
Makes the device play the same sounds the microphone hears. The practical upshot of this is that if you connect a cable to headphone jack of the device and the other end to a microphone receptacle of another device, you can use the Palm as an amplified microphone.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Flashed the undocumented and unused RED LED in the T|T3 when the card is accessed.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.2.1/T|T3Download
T|X vibrate drivers
The drivers needed to install the vibrate alarms on the T|X
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.4.9+/T|XDownload
Preferences II
Replacement for the standard preference panel that provides icons, and custom categories. Source code included
License: GPL v3O/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Treo Ringtone Installer
Will install MP3 ringtones from card to Treo 680 without loss of quality.\r\n\r\nlicensed under GPL v3, source code included.
License: GPL v3O/S: PalmOs 5.4+/Treo 680Download
DriveMode patch
allows DriveMode application from palm to export more then 5 volumes to the PC. Normally it is limited to 5, this patch increases this limit to 64
License: FreeO/S: PalmOS 5.4.9+/AnyDownload
LifeDrive CardInfo patch
Allows renaming of internal volumes and displaying of media types other then SD/MMC and \\\"HardDisk\\\"
License: FreeO/S: PalmOS 5.4.9+/AnyDownload
Compressor for palm apps. extracts in place.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+Download
Measures raw expansion card speed. Lower level than VFSMark or anything of the sort. Carefully follow all program\\'s directions, or data loss might result.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 4.0+Download
Set RomID
For devices whose RomID has disappeared, this app exists. It will assign you a new unique ROM ID. NVFS devices only. If you want a vanity ROM ID (a specific text like \\\"John\\'s PALM\\\") email dmtrgyr@gmail.com.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.4+/NVFSDownload
Card Size
For users of PowerDrive or PlmSDHC. PalmOS has a big where it will not report card size and free space correctly for cards over 4GB. This hack attempts to work around it, by trying to show how much free space there is up to 4GB, if more is free, 4GB is shown. To use this app, just install to ram and run once. The app will NOT activate after reset. To activate after reset - run it once. Also if you run the app directly, it will tell you EXACTLY the sizes (the OS still reports wrong values).\r\n\r\nThis is only for users of PalmOS 5.4.9+ devices or users of patched FAT32
License: FreewareO/S: OS 5.4.9+Download
Ever notice how Treo680 auto-fixes some texts you type? Like how \\\"acn\\\" magically becomes \\\"can\\\" and \\\"hvae\\\" becomes \\\"have\\\". There is a list inside the PalmOs that keeps track of what replacements are to be made. They need not be spelling at all (for example I set mine up to replace \\\"bc\\\" with \\\"because\\\". This app does just that - changes that list.\r\nApp is open source under the GPL v3 licence
License: GPLv3O/S: PalmOS 5.4/Treo680Download
GrandCentral Dialer
A dialer app to dial any number through GrandCentral service, if you have an account.
License: GPL v3O/S: PalmOS 4.0+Download
Disable the vibrator while a call is going on to avoid your callers hearing the loud noise it makes and your ear getting an unexpected massage.\r\n\r\nTested onTreo680, should work on others too. Inst
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.4/TreoDownload
T3 - big Cards
Since the T|T3 cannot write to cards over 1GB ,this patch was created. This is a patch to the T3 SD driver, that allows cards of 2 and 4 GB size to be read and written by the T3.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.2.1/T|T3Download
SysLinkerStub error reporter
Reports missing native libraries and suggests which devices have them. Helps while trying to move apps ofrm some devices to others. If you are familiar with \"SysLinkerStub\" Fatal Alert, this is for you
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 5.0+/AnyDownload
Bypasses calibration on devices with a broken digitizer. Place on memory card in the Palm directry, name \"start.prc\", insert card, device will play a tune and reboot. No more calibration needed. Keep in mind this will not fix the digitizer, just allow you to bypass the screen requiring its calibration.
License: FreewareO/S: PalmOS 3.5+/AnyDownload
An ARM version of MathLib that many programs need. Much faster and fully compatible
License: FreewareO/S: OS5+Download
Adds SDHC/SDXC support to zodiac\\'s left slot. Keep in mind that for cards over 8GB you\\'ll need the FAT32 driver as well
License: FreewareO/S: Tapwave Zodiac 1/2Download
Flashes the ROM of Tungsten E2 devices, if your device has Flash (many do not)
License: FreewareO/S: Tungsten E2Download
TungstenE2 ROM: OS 5.2 no NVFS
A custom ROM for Tungsten E2 with OS 5.2.8 and no NVFS. Use RomFlash.E2 to flash it
License: FreewareO/S: Tungsten E2Download
TungstenE2 ROM: OS 5.4 stock
A stock ROM for Tungsten E2 with OS 5.4. Use RomFlash.E2 to flash it
License: FreewareO/S: Tungsten E2Download
Adds Memory Stick PRO support to some OS4 Sony Clie devices. Keep in mind that for cards over 2GB you\\'ll need a FAT32 driver as well
License: FreewareO/S: Sony Clie OS3.5+Download
A ROM flashing tool for the Sony S500C and an English ROM you can flash. Also included is the stock Japanese ROM
License: FreewareO/S: Sony Clie S500CDownload
A ROM flashing tool for the Sony TJ series
License: FreewareO/S: Sony Clie TJ seriesDownload
A ROM flashing tool for the Sony VZ90, and a few English ROMs for it, stock japanese ROM also included
License: FreewareO/S: Sony Clie VZ90Download
A ROM flashing tool for the Sony NX and TG series
License: FreewareO/S: Sony Clie NX or TG PDADownload
TungstenE SDIO update improved
The official SDIO update for Tungsten E had a number of bugs. This patch fixes some of them but not all. The included README details the fixes
License: FreewareO/S: Tungsten EDownload
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