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I have a program suggestion, what do I do?
Sorry, PalmOS's time has passed. But feel free to email me to say hello
My card is slow/lagging
The PowerSDHC driver is much faster than Palm's original driver, BUT SDHC cards are very slow on small accesses. This is normal. To avoid this, format your card using FAT32 with 32KB cluster size. In Windows you can do this on the command line using the "format X: /A:32K" where X is the drive letter for your SD card. Once again - this has NOTHING to do with the driver - this is a characteristic of all large SDHC cards.

My device is not listed as supported, but I tried to install anyways.
Do not do this! This will not work. The driver will refuse to work on any device that is not supported. This is for your own safety! If you already installed it, and now your device does not recognize any cards, do not panic. Just delete PowerSDHC and soft reset.

The driver was tested in many configurations. It is possible yours is not good for it. First make sure to have latest driver and key.
Then try a hard reset. any overclockers except WarpSpeed are unsupported. (Meaning that they may or may not work, but no guarantees are made)

My card is not recognized after reset.
This is a known issue that is not easy to fix. Powering device on and off after reset will get the card recognized. Or ejecting and re-inserting it. This issue only affects some cards and devices.

What card sizes are supported.
All card sizes are supported. Any card size will work.

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