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Registration process

Due to a ridiculous number of people not reading the directions for purchasing, and as a result wasting theirs and our time on resolving these issues, this article was written. Here will be a detailed explanation of the registration procedure, and a list of common mistakes people make. Before emailing us with your registration problems, read this article - chances are you did something wrong, and this article can help you fix it and get your registration code automatically and in a timely manner.

This document is the official description of purchasing methods here. Any emails we receive that make it obvious the user did not follow these directions will be automatically sent here to read this document. This document applies only to purchases made using PayPal. Purchases made using Google Payments are handled by hand and thus take longer to process.

The following is an (overly detailed) scenario for a purchase:

  1. First the user creates a username on this website. If the user already has one, the user logs in. This is needed since purchases should be tied to your username here.
  2. All software for sale on this site is shareware, that is to say it can all be tried for free. This is important as you always should try and see how well the software works for you before purchasing.
  3. The user is expected to have the trial version (of the software to be purchased) installed on the device at time of purchase. This is required since registration keys are generated based on a unique registration ID# (usually a series of letters and numbers) that is generated by the trial version of the software in question.
  4. Then the user goes to the front page of the site and clicks the "Buy" button under the piece of software of interest.
  5. This forwards the user to PayPal payment page to process a secure payment.
  6. At PayPal the user enters the details of the payment, and the payment is done. If the user pays using a credit card, the payment will go through immediately, and the rest of this process can be completed. Payments made from a bank account take up to three business days, so if the user did that, the rest of these directions are to be done three business days later.
  7. After the payment goes through the user will get an email from PayPal confirming it. At this time the user should come back to this site and login if not already logged in.
  8. Now the user must click "Your Software" link on the left side of THIS site's front page to get to the "Your Software" page.
  9. If this is the first time the user's been to the "Your Software" area, the site will request the PayPal username.This is the email address given to PayPal during the previous steps. It is crucial to enter this correctly! Failure to do so will result in software purchases not being automatically credited to the user. If an incorrect value is entered, it can be changed later.
  10. If the purchase went through, the user will now see a table of software that the user owns. The newly-purchases software should be present there too. There will be a button to generate a key. The user should click this.
  11. Now the website will ask the user for the id#. (In case of some software titles, the user might also be asked for name and email.) This id# provided by the trial version of the application being bought. (The user should have had downloaded the trial version from this site before. If this is not the case, the user should download and install the trial version at this time, so that the id# can be obtained from it). The id# should be entered in the field.
  12. If all is correct, the user will be issued a registration key. This key is to be entered into the trial version of the software on the device. This will instantly convert it into a full version of the software. (In case of some software titles, the key is a file to be installed to the device.)

So what to do if something goes wrong? If...

  • ...the software hasn't appeared in the "Your Software" section.
    • It is very very likely that you entered the wrong email address in there. Go to "Your Software" section, and in there edit the email address. If you ever changed your PayPal email address, your old address might be the one you need to enter.
  • ...you paid using some method other than PayPal.
    • This document does not apply to you.
  • ...changed devices and your id# is now different.
    • Email us with details.
  • ...you followed the directions exactly and something is still wrong.
    • Email us.
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